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Tremendous Year For Weston Lawns Dressage Means 2023 Will Be Bigger And Better!

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

As 2022 draws to a close we look back on the year and Keri Bates expand on our exciting Dressage Calendar plans for 2023.

This year was a great one for Weston Lawns Dressage riders. With so much success in regional and national competitions, we are looking forward to an even bigger and better 2023!

Our riders have shown that they have what it takes to compete at the top level, and we can't wait to see what they will achieve next.

Keri Bates, who is the mastermind behind Weston Lawns Dressage events takes up the story. "With my shows, something EKKO is well known for, is being supportive and caring. And the feedback we have had from my shows so far reflects this which is fabulous.

"2022 was a major success because people feel comfortable to have a go at the next level up or have a go at their first show. The standard of participation across all beginner, intermediate or experienced participants has improved and we take a lot of pride in that"

"In the coming year we have a lot of plans for Weston Lawns Dressage and I am excited to reveal we will be running from intro through to FEI levels so there is something for everyone.

"The TOP 15 combinations who have the most points in each level will be invited to the championship final on the 11th - 13th August. The combination with the most points at the end of this show is crowned champion of that level. There will also be an extra prize for the winner of the championship classes on the day.

"The aim of this series is to provide riders with a championship to aim for without the hefty price tag of membership! And also to have some fun with friends!!

"Our promise is to keep entry fees as low as possible to make things easier with the cost of living. Entry fees are £16 per class, stabling is £15 and electric hook up is £25. We will ALWAYS use qulified BD judges for our events too!

"With the cost of living rising it's so Important venues adapt to the changing needs of their clients/competitors. So for 2023 I think it's essential to keep entry fees as low as possible and also put a new diverse range of classes on. I feel really strongly about bringing the fun back into competing so will be thinking outside the box with new ideas. And the management at Weston Lawns agree and have worked with EKKO to help deliver a fantastic 2023 plan.

"Our series in 2023 is a great starting place! Riders earn points at all of our events based on their % and the top 15 riders from each level will be invited to the finals in August.

Here is how it will work. We will keep track of your scores and add them to our league table online where you can all keep an eye on where you are sitting.

Points will be awarded on the following percentage.

60-61.9% = 1 point

62-63.9% = 2 points

64-65.9% = 3 points

66-67.9% = 4 points

68-69.9% = 5 points

70-71.9% = 6 points

72-73.9% = 7 points

And so on....

All you need to do is enter whichever shows you would like and we will do the rest.

Our Dates for 2023 are as follows:

28th January - Weston Lawns EC

25th Febuary - Weston Lawns

18th March - Weston Lawns

15th & 16th April - Weston Lawns Season Kick Off

20th & 21st May Incorporating The Armed Forces Championship - Weston Lawns

3rd June - EKKO HQ

18th June - Weston Lawns

30th July - EKKO HQ

11th, 12th, & 13th August DRESSAGE FESTIVAL FINAL - Weston Lawns

We will be running under BD guidelines with regards to tack! But we do allow bitless riders.

Schedules for these shows will be released in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks to all of our supporters who help make our team so successful


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