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Record Temperatures Didn’t Hinder The Amanda Millward Junior Championships!

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

There was a substantial amount of Junior Showjumping at Weston Lawns Equestrian as show jumpers and their ponies took to competition in record-breaking temperatures at the Amanda Millward Championships, last weekend 16th & 17 July 2022.

It was a weekend of spectacular showjumping and evening entertainment, hosted by DJ Lennie Karaoke, as competitors basked in weather more suited for Croatia than Coventry!

The competition began early on the Saturday morning, but that did little to stem the excitement of the junior participants.

Weston Lawns Secretary Maz said’ “Starting as early as 7.30am was never going to be easy but a special thank you must go to the staff, parents and children, who by working well together, meant we managed to get all the classes jumped on both days before the main heat of the day.”

Some of the winners during the weekend included 11 year old Scarlet McDonald, Lylya Benfield (128cms), Florence Moseley (138cms), Lucy Douglas-Jones (148cms) and Grand Prix winner Joss Phillipps.

With the heat being of constant concern Weston Lawns made sure every pony and competitor were kept our of the sun for as much time as possible with free day stables and ample supplier of water to keep temperatures as normal as possible.

Amanda Gillott said, “Thank you to the Amanda Millward Championship show. You made absolutely sure extra water facilities were available and free day stables for the ponies in the heat! So lovely to also have a brilliant commentator, kind and friendly judges, course builders and stewards.”

Maz concluded by saying “Also it would go amiss of me not to also thank all the competitors and parents for all their wonderful emails and messages thanking us for what was a wonderful show. That means a lot to us, it really does!”

Here are a selection of our favourite show jumping photos from the @Weston Lawns "Amanda Millward Championships”.



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